Men in Black: International (2019) Movie Download MP4

Men in Black: International (2019) Movie Download MP4

Men in Black: International, stylized as MIB: International in promotional material, is a 2019 American science fiction action comedy film directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. It is the fourth installment in the Men in Black film series, serving as a stand-alone sequel set in the same universe as the previous films; it is the first film in the series to not feature Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones as the main characters. It is loosely based on the Malibu/Marvel comic book series of the same name by Lowell Cunningham. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rebecca Ferguson, Rafe Spall, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, and Liam Neeson. Emma Thompson reprises her role from the third film, while Tim Blaney returns to voice Frank the Pug from the first two installments. The film follows the Men in Black taking on its biggest threat: a mole in the agency.

Men in Black: International – Trailer

Agent M, a probationary member of the MIB, teams up with Agent H and uncovers a sinister plot that reveals a traitor in the organisation aiding an alien invasion.


Release date: 14 June 2019
Director: F. Gary Gray
Box office: $253.9 million
Adapted from: The Men in Black
Music by: Danny Elfman; Chris Bacon
Distributed by: Sony Pictures

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  • Chris Hemsworth as Henry / Agent H
  • Tessa Thompson as Molly Wright / Agent M
  • Mandeiya Flory as Young Molly
  • Liam Neeson as High T
  • Kumail Nanjiani (voice) as Pawny
  • Rafe Spall as Agent C
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Riza Stavros
  • Laurent and Larry Bourgeois as the Twins
  • Emma Thompson as Agent O
  • Kayvan Novak as Vungus the Ugly
  • Kayvan Novak also portrays Nasr and voices Bassam
  • Annie Burkin as Nerlene
  • Tim Blaney as Frank the Pug (voice)
  • Spencer Wilding as Luca Brasi
  • Marcy Harriell and Inny Clemons cameo as Molly’s parents in a flashback
  • Thom Fountain and Drew Massey as the Worm Guys (voices)
  • Stephen Wight as Guy / Stupid guy in a call center next to Molly
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