Resident Evil (S1E7) – Parasite

Resident Evil (S1E7) – Parasite

Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 7 – Parasite

In a flashback to the Arklay Mountains in 2005, Albert “Al” Wesker, Albert “Bert” Wesker and Albert “Alby” Wesker are performing research at an Umbrella outpost. The three are clones of Albert Wesker, a superhuman who is their leader. Despite their genetic similarites they are distinct individuals.

Albert arrives, demanding Alby repair the “mind machine interface” and Al complete work on new prototype equipment ahead of schedule. When he looks to Bert, he notices his desk is messy and he is listening to music; to straighten him out, he takes out a knife and threatens to slice off another finger. They are soon confronted by USS operators who attempt to detain them for their unauthorized use of Umbrella assets. Albert is quick to deal with them using his enhanced abilities, but when more soldiers arrive he changes tactics and decides to kill the clones to prevent them being used; the USS reinforcements arrive faster than anticipated, and he is only able to kill Alby before leaving, with Al and Bert being captured as Evelyn Marcus makes her way into the lab.



  • Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker
  • Tamara Smart as young Jade Wesker
  • Adeline Rudolph as Billie Wesker
  • Siena Agudong as young Billie Wesker
  • Paola Núñez as Evelyn Marcus
  • Lance Reddick as “Albert Wesker”, Dr. Albert Wesker, Numerous Wesker clones of varying personalities
  • Turlough Convery as Richard Baxter
  • Connor Gosatti as Simon
  • Ahad Raza Mir as Arjun Batra
  • Pedro de Tavira Egurrola as Angel Rubio
  • Lea Vivier as Susana Franco
  • Marisa Drummond as guard
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