The Next 365 Days (2022) Movie Download MKV

The Next 365 Days (2022) Movie Download MKV

The Next 365 Days (Polish: Kolejne 365 Dni) is a 2022 erotic thriller film directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes. Serving as a sequel to 365 Days: This Day, it is based on the third novel of a trilogy by Blanka Lipińska, and stars Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Magdalena Lamparska, Rebecca Casiraghi and Michele Morrone. The Next 365 Days was released on August 19, 2022, on Netflix, in Poland and in the United States.

The Next 365 Days – Trailer

Massimo is a member of the Sicilian mafia family and Laura is a sales manager. On a trip to Sicily to try to salvage her relationship, Massimo kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Initial release: 19 August 2022
Directors: Barbara Białowąs, Tomasz Mandes
Distributed by: Netflix

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  • Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel
  • Michele Morrone as Don Massimo Torricelli
  • Magdalena Lamparska as Olga
  • Simone Susinna as Nacho
  • Otar Sralidze as Domenico
  • Rebecca Casiraghi as Sexy Girl

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