Who is Devyn Pulisic and why is she suddenly trending online?

Who is Devyn Pulisic and why is she suddenly trending online?

Like many people out there, you may be wondering why Devyn Pulisic is suddenly a trending search term. Over the last couple of days, we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of online searches including the name “Devyn Pulisic”. It does seem like most of these searches didn’t yield the desired results, hence the persistent search for answers. But wait a minute, why are people searching for Devyn Pulisic? Here’s what we know:

The Weston McKennie USMNT scandal

During the recent round of World Cup qualification, just before the USMNT’s game with Honduras, a big news emerged. Juventus midfielder, Weston McKennie was sent packing from the USMNT camp for violating the team’s Covid protocols.

Reports have it that soccer player was said to have brought in an unauthorized visitor into the team’s hotel. Weston McKennie also allegedly spent a different night outside the USMNT bubble.

Devyn & Christian Pulisic

How does all these concern Devyn Pulisic

Well this entirety of all that’s happened is still known to just a few individuals. However, a source said that the unauthorized visitor was someone close to the team. Some fans think that he probably was with Devyn the sister of USMNT captain, Christian Pulisic. This claim lacks substantial evidence and cannot be deemed to be credible. However some Reddit users have pointed out that Devyn’s Instagram Profile has suddenly switched to private.

The outcome

USMNT rallied to beat Honduras 4-1 but it was Weston McKennie’s behavior that stole the headlines. The midfielder’s action was condemned by coaches and fans. However, no one close to the team associated Devyn Pulisic with the incident.  Reacting to the incident, USMNT legend Landon Donovan said

“I know what happened but I will not say it. What I will say is that I am very disappointed in McKennie. This is a week of your life with three crucial games, not only for you, but for your teammates and your country to go to a World Cup. The level of selfishness goes further”. 

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