5 Reasons Why No Club Wants To Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

5 Reasons Why No Club Wants To Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the Manchester United training ground last week and featured in the preseason game against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday, a game in which the Red devils had to settle for a draw. 5 Reasons Why No Club Wants To Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United

Prior to that, Ronaldo had been away from the team since the start of preseason. There has been numerous speculations linking him with a move away from Old Trafford this summer. However, every one of those rumoured stories ended the same way, the respective clubs didn’t want to sign Cristiano.

The Portuguese forward clearly wanted to leave Manchester United this summer due to their failure to secure qualification for the Champions League, a competition that Ronaldo cherishes so much and one in which he is a record holder!

What a team stands to benefit by signing Cristiano Ronaldo

Obviously Cristiano would be a big addition to any team he joins. Here’s what a club could benefit from signing Cristiano Ronaldo.


Ronaldo is guaranteed to score plenty of goals each season provided the team plays to his strengths.


Signing Cristiano Ronaldo would boost any club’s popularity. His hundreds of millions of followers and fans around the world would get to know that club.

Shirt sales

Another benefit would be a radical increase in the number of shirt sales. Ronaldo is a marketable player who would pull millions of shirt sales in just a few hours of joining any club.

Despite all these benefits, top European clubs are shying away from such

But why are clubs declining an opportunity to sign one of the best players in the world, football’s all time top scorer?

Why No Club Wants To Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Salary saga

We all know that Ronaldo has been one of the highest paid footballers in the last couple of years. Even though his salary has reduced in the last couple of years, Ronaldo still takes home £480,000 per week at Man United. This means that any team wishing to sign him would need to be capable of affording at the least, half of this amount. That is Ronaldo would be willing to take such a huge pay cut.

Team stability

The Portuguese captain has been accused of upsetting the stability of sides he’s played for. People argue that Juventus were a better side before he joined them. Incredibly, the Italian side won the Serie A title nine years in a row, but missed out on it in Ronaldo’s third and final season. The truth is that Ronaldo actually takes off goal scoring responsibilities from his teammates, making the team dependent on him for goals and making him difficult to replace.


Cristiano Ronaldo is currently 37 years old and any club wanting to sign him could be discouraged by his age. Although his longevity is impressive, clubs are wary of Ronaldo’s availability in the long run. Would he still be able to play at the top level in the coming years?

Overall impact

Although he is a proven goalscorer, Ronaldo’s in-game impact is gradually reducing. The superstar is not able to influence the game like he used to. It is unlikely he would have plenty of positive impact on teammates. Young players who are benched because of Cristiano Ronaldo would probably lose confidence and morale.

Clubs that refused to sign Ronaldo this summer

In rumoured transfer stories, a handful of top European clubs rejected the opportunity to sign the wantaway Manchester United forward. We’ve stated some of the probable reasons for their refusal to sign Ronaldo, but which clubs actually turned down CR7 this summer?

  1. Paris Saint Germain
  2. Bayern Munich
  3. Chelsea
  4. Atletico Madrid
  5. Real Madrid

5 Reasons Why No Club Wants To Sign Cristiano Ronaldo