100+ Best fantasy football team names ideas for FPL, & NFL

How did your last fantasy football season pan out? Jack’s was as bad as his fantasy football team name was. The players on the bench often scored more points than those he chose in his starting eleven. Maybe he should have opted for a better fantasy football team name than the “#Lights!#Camera!#Jackson!” he opted for. Sounds funny right? 

Choosing a good fantasy football team name can be a great way to get your team on the path to success for the rest of the season. Names often have quite an impact on the actual performance of a team, so choose the right names. Fantasy football team names

Deciding the best fantasy football team name can be quite tricky as some of the great team names you know may have already been used by another player if not lots of them. You want something unique and perhaps exceptional as this will stick with you for the rest of your season. 

How To Choose The Perfect Fantasy Football Team Name

There are quite a few no-no’s when selecting a name for your team.

  1. Do not use the same name you used in the previous season.
  2. Do not use a name that is already very popular in fantasy football, come up with a unique name. and
  3. Don’t use your real name

So how do you choose the best possible names without doing any of the above don’ts? 

In order to get the best out of your Fantasy Football team name, here are the five components that make up the best name.


Try not to be too plain, play on words a bit to get the right names. Combining a noun and a power word to liven up your team name. Power words tend to stick easily and send the right message to your opponents even before they face you. 

Your team name doesn’t have to be too long. A phrase consisting of two carefully selected words is just fine. Keep it simple!

Make use of Nicknames

What better way to begin your fantasy football team name than starting with your nickname. I mean it’s a nice nickname that’s why you have it. Most people just prefer a combination of their nickname and the acronym F.C. For example: Emperor F.C if your nickname is Emperor. 

While it is okay to use your nickname or any nice pet name, it is not advisable to use your real name as your fantasy football team name, except if your name is Everton (haha).

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Associate Your Team With Popular Things

A good way to come up with nice fantasy football team names is to try associating your team with some popular terms. Real life football teams often take their names after their locality, a state or some popular landmarks.  Think of that famous tower around your area and attach it to your fantasy football team name.

Add a Strong Adjective

Strong adjectives are more expressive than normal ones. Use them to add positive expressions to your fantasy team name. Strong adjectives can also be used to induce a kind of fear in your would be opponents. 

Examples: Angry, Furious, Terrible, Big, Huge, Gigantic, Pretty, Gorgeous, Clean, Spotless, Nice, Lovely.

Use a Fantasy Team Names Generator

If you’re still finding it difficult finding a good name for your fantasy football team, perhaps you should consider using a fantasy football team name generator. There are lots of them online, and we’ve included links to some of them below: 

6 Fantasy Football Team Names Generator You Should Try

1. Sports Unlimited Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

2. Team Name Generator

3. Razzball Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

4. TeamNames.Net Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

5. Lineups Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

6. Fantasy Football Toolbox Name Generator

The above fantasy football team name generators have been utilized by millions of fantasy football players globally to generate some of the best names on fantasy football. 

Make sure your team name is positive

Names tend to reflect the quality and characteristics of the bearer. Always keep your fantasy team names positive. While it is okay to use your fantasy team name to scare your opponents, it is not okay to use it against yourself or your team. Set the tone for success through your team name. 

50 Best fantasy football team names ideas for FPL & NFL

1. No Guts No Glory
2. Amber FC
3. FC California
4. Super Socks
5. Arthur Pendragon
6. De Eminent
7. Baller’s Dome
8. Fantasia Chronicles
9. Team Caspian
10. You Can’t See Me

(11-20) Best fantasy football team names ideas for FPL & NFL

11. Kilimanjaro Dwellers
12. Nemesis
13. Little Saints
14. Kim Kanye United
15. Midlands Submarines
16. Atlanta Mountains
17. Kante the Rock
18. Royal Sporting Club
19. Vardy Time
20. Lasgidi Titans

(21-30) Best fantasy football team names ideas for FPL & NFL

21. Lakers Forever
22. Balling Billionaires
23. Royal Atlas
24. Mighty Mahon
25. Roca Ricky
26. Gold Seal
27. Zaidat Bloomers
28. Team O’Connor
29. Rugby Jet
30. Double Glory

(31-40) Best fantasy football team names ideas for FPL & NFL

31. Never Give Up
32. Red Thunder
33. Clinton’s Blue Army
34. Dos Santos
35. Lamba Lamba
36. Parte after Parte
37. The Big Apple
38. SC Pentagon
39. Mega Warrior
40. The Real Champion

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(41-50) Best fantasy football team names ideas for FPL & NFL

41. Life is Good
42. West-side Lakers
43. Fluffy Kitty
44. McGee Rollins Sanders
45. Chartered Trophy-gator
46. Hottest Stallion
47. The Trail Blazers
48. Flying Dragons
49. Golden Eagles
50. Champions for a reason

Jack Grealish fantasy football team names ideas

Since you searched for it:

  1. Jack Grealish
  2. Man Like Grealish
  3. Jack to the Moon
  4. Big Calves
  5. Mercurial Grealish
  6. Grealish F.C
  7. Grealish United
  8. Balling Like Grealish
  9. Jack Cityzens
  10. Marauding Grealish

More fantasy football team names ideas for FPL $ NFL

51. MK Rowling
52. Dripping Red
53. Birmingham Rovers
54. Legend of Manchester
55. Ziyech’s Magic Wand
56. Bae and Boo
57. Just like that
58. Schone Clarets
59. Watch me win
60. Blue Virus

Ronaldo fantasy football team names

Cristiano Ronaldo is back in the Premier League this season, so we’ve added some Ronaldo themed fantasy football team names ideas for CR7 lovers!

  1. Legend of Manchester
  2. CR7 the GOAT 🐐
  3. De Incredible Ronaldo
  4. Cristiano Rovers
  5. Man Like Ronaldo
  6. Don’t You Dare
  7. Favorite Seven

Kanye West fantasy football team names for NFL

  1. Kanye West
  2. Triple K West
  3. President Kanye
  4. Kardashian Kanye
  5. Runaway Kanye
  6. West Follow God
  7. Crazy Gangster
  8. Kanye’s Fanboy

Still haven’t coined your perfect fantasy football team name yet? Watch out for more additions to this list. Alternatively, you could use any of the fantasy football team name generators listed above.  Send in your suggestions in the comments if you wish to improve this list.

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