Bonucci mocks Pogba & Ronaldo as he Drinks Coca-Cola & beer in post-match press conference

Bonucci helped Italy win Euro 2020

Bonucci mocks Pogba & Ronaldo as he Drinks Coca-Cola & beer in post-match press conference

Leonardo Bonucci was one of the standout players for Italy in the EURO 2020 final victory against England. Fresh from  winning scoring a precious equalizer that helped Italy win the UEFA Euro 2020 trophy, Bonucci took part in a press conference after the match. The Italian appeared to take a sly dig at Paul Pogba and Cristiano Ronaldo by taking a sip of the sponsored beverages present in the press room.

Recall that Portugal captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, had earlier in the tournament, made headlines by his reaction to the presence of Coca-Cola in the press room. While speaking to the media, Ronaldo who finished the tournament as top scorer moved away the Coca-Cola bottles positioned in front of the players, and urged people to “drink water instead” which he considers the healthier option.

Similarly, France midfielder Paul Pogba, would move way bottles of beer away from TV cameras as consuming alcohol is against his Islamic faith.

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However, Bonucci was having non of these. He instead opted to open a bottle of Coca-Cola and a bottle of beer. The veteran defender took a sip out of both bottles in what appeared to be a dig at Ronaldo and Pogba. Bonucci drinks coca cola and beer

Bonucci actually meant no mischief. He was obviously declaring his preference as he celebrated his sides’ triumph.

Italy beat England 3-2 on penalties to claim only their second triumph in the competition. Bonucci’s goal 3 mins from full time cancelled out Luke Shaw’s opener. The game went into extra time and subsequently a penalty shootout was required to crown a winner. Italy came out on top with England missing their last three spot kicks.

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