How to Apply for the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

What is an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship?

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is designed to inspire 16-year-olds to follow their dreams and change the world through engineering. Applications are now open for the 2022 Scholarships and will close on Friday 14 January 2022.

Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most esteemed scholarship of its type in the UK and is designed to inspire students to pursue their dreams. The scholarships are awarded to 16-year-old students through a rigorous selection process, supporting them through their A levels, Scottish Highers, or equivalent qualifications.

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, just like most scholarships, is funded by a commercial company, trade association, university, professional institution, armed forces, government organization, religious organization, charitable trust, or individual donor. This means that assistance is provided in a variety of ways, such as valuable hands-on work experience, assistance with your curriculum project, and a personal mentor who can assist you with aspects of your studies and career planning.

How to apply for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

You must be within a certain age bracket before you can apply for an engineering scholarship. Your school must be partnered with Arkwright Engineering Scholarships. If your school is not, ask your teacher to complete the school partnership form. Once your online application has been submitted, you will sit for an aptitude exam at your school.

If you are considering applying for an engineering scholarship, your school must be partnered with the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships program. If your school is not yet partnered, ask your teacher to complete the school partnership form. A partnership is quick, simple, and free. Applications are open between September and January of each year.

A £40.00 administration fee is payable, by April, for each student application to Arkwright Engineering Scholarships. The scholarship will be awarded as you begin Year 12 (England and Wales), S5 (Scotland), or Year 13 (Northern Ireland) to study subjects which will prepare you for a university degree or higher-level apprenticeship.

The selection process consists of five stages:

  1. Online student application, endorsed by a teacher, from October through January
  2. Two-hour student aptitude exam, February
  3. If you pass stages 1 and 2, then: 20-minute  online interview—April—May
  4. If you meet the Arkwright standard, you will then be matched with a sponsoring organization, which will enable us to award you an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship (May-September).
  5. The Scholarships are awarded at prestigious awards ceremonies in London and Edinburgh (October/November).

Note: An integral part of every application is to show your practical ability through technical project work you have done at school or home. See below for more details

Practical Projects

All details of the application and award process can be found in Sections 4 and 5, pages 7 to 12, of the Arkwright Handbook.

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Who is eligible to apply for Arkwright Engineering Scholarship?

You can apply for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship if you believe that: Arkwright Engineering Scholarships can help you become a future leader in engineering, computer, or technical design. Here’s a preview of the kind of assistance and benefits you might be eligible for.

Key benefits include:

  • Financial support

Assistance with finances As part of the scholarship, you will receive £600; use this money to assist in the acquisition of components and resources to complete your personal technical projects or to improve your curricular projects. Alternatively, you may use the money to buy textbooks or reference materials, or to pay for your attendance at technical courses, summer schools, or university open days. If you are awarded a scholarship, your school will receive £400 to spend on STEM-related equipment, resources, or teacher training.

  • Mentoring

Wherever feasible, Arkwright or your sponsor will assign you to a mentor, an experienced engineer who can offer advice and counselling on your future studies and career development, as well as technical assistance with your projects.

  •  Exclusive Events

Scholars receive access to a number of special events, such as Connect Days and Summer Schools, hosted by our partner firms, institutions, and trade groups. These activities provide our scholars with firsthand knowledge of various industries and academic fields.

2022 Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Key Dates

  • Applications open on Monday, October 11, 2021.
  • Teachers nominate students via the portal at 12 p.m. Friday, January 14, 2022
  • Students submit completed online applications to teachers via the portal. 12pm Friday, January 14, 2022
  • Teachers submit completed applications to Arkwright via the portal. 12pm Friday, January 21, 2022
  • Aptitude Exam: Wednesday, February 2, 2022
  • Interviews: April and May 2022