How to create & manage a winning Champions League fantasy team

The Champions League is back and so is Champions League fantasy football. It’s time to showcase your tactical nous by creating and managing your team to success in UCL fantasy.

Like you should already know, playing fantasy football puts you in position to win some amazing and mouthwatering prizes. The journey to glory in Champions League fantasy begins with signing up if you haven’t already done that, and proceeding to setting up your fantasy team.

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How to setup up your Champions League fantasy team

Creating a winning fantasy football team begins with picking an awesome name for your Champions League fantasy team. The article below can give you a headstart and help you pick a fitting name for your team.

Pick your team

Once you’re sure of the name of your fantasy team, proceed to add players/assets to your team. Note the amount of points you’d score each Match Day, depends on the real life performance of players you pick. So, choose your team wisely!

You have €100m in your fantasy account. Use it to select 15 players that will make up your squad. A typical team consists of a goalkeeper, 3 to 5 defenders, 3-5 midfielders and 1-3 forwards depending on your formation. Eleven of the 15 players you’ve selected will be in your starting lineup, with the rest occupying the substitutes’ bench. A sample Champions League fantasy team is shown below. UCL fantasy team

Pick your captain

From the eleven starting players, you must choose a player to captain your team. Your captain scores double points in each Champions League fantasy week.

Organize your bench

The substitutes’ bench is also important. Players in your starting lineup maybe substituted if they do not play in any Match Week. So, arrange your bench in the order that you’d prefer substitutions to be made.

Transfer players

One aspect of fantasy football you have to pay attention to is the transfers. You can transfer out injured players and replace them with active ones.

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