(VIDEO) Daniella & Khalid On Knacking Duties Again

(VIDEO) Daniella & Khalid On Knacking Duties Again

The romance story between Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates Khalid and Daniella continued on Sunday night. While other ships seems not to be sailing forward, Daniella and Khalid’s ship is sailing at an unbelievable speed. Their nightly episodes is now becoming a routine.

The two love birds were at it again last night, doing what they both enjoy doing under the duvets.

While their previous escapades could be termed aggressive cuddling, last night’s encounter was obviously more than that.

It seems both lovers had planned to get dirty as soon as everyone else was asleep. However, as always, there’s always one housemate (Amaka) who’s always awake to witness the act, as well as Biggie’s cameras mounted around the house.

Here a video of their latest bruhaha 😩