(VIDEOS) Groovy and Beauty finally kiss as Level 2 Housemates miss Pool Party

(VIDEOS) Groovy and Beauty finally kiss as Level 2 Housemates miss Pool Party

The first kisses of the Big Brother Naija Season 7 was officially shared by some housemates on the night of the Thursday night. Big Brother had decided to punish the level 2 housemates by banning them from the night’s pool party owing to their performance in the head of house games.

It initially looked like their plans were ruined for the night. However, like they say on social media, ‘trenches house issa vibe’, the level 2 housemates were not to be outdone.

BBNaija Level 1 Pool Party

Here’s what happened in Big Brother’s house last

While the level 1 housemates partied at the jacuzzi, the level 2 housemates kept themselves busy with singing and dancing as some of them even wore pool clothes for the evening. They progressed to a game of truth or dare that eventually led to kisses and intimate moments being shared.

Groovy and Phyna share first kiss πŸ’‹

The first kiss of the Level Up season was between Groovy and Phyna surprisenly. It happened during the T or D game and was brief and casual.

However, it was Beauty that everyone expected Groovy to kiss and their moment soon came. Beauty somehow refused to kiss Groovy to our surprise. We thought she was upset that Groovy had kissed Phyna earlier but she would later explain why she opted not to. Check video below.

Nevertheless, the housemates were determined to make something happen between the two and it soon came to their turn again and the duo didn’t hold back, sharing one of the intimate kisses you would see this season to the delight of Beauty and Groovy shippers!

Groovy and Beauty Kiss

Eloswag rocking Chomzy
Eloswag and Chomzy were the major highlight of the level 1 pool party even though there were bodies everywhere.