(WATCH) Amaka Catches Daniella & Khalid Doing It At Night

(WATCH) Amaka Catches Daniella & Khalid Doing It At Night

Things seem to be getting interesting too quickly in this season’s Big Brother Naija show, especially in the “trenches house”. The so called mainland house is always on the news as it seems to be where most of the actions take place. Things seem to have progressed quickly between the housemates. Last night, love birds Khalid and Daniella were at it again. The duo were caught in the middle of the night ruffling under the duvets again.

This is coming days after they were first caught on camera cuddling aggressively under the sheets. However, this latest episode between the two looked more than just cuddling as the expression on Daniella’s face suggests that there could be more going on under those innocent duvets…(maybe they’re not innocent anymore)

Housemate Amaka was awake to witness the act as was probably disturbed by their noise.

No wonder Phyna is complaining of missing c0ndoms!

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