Revealed: Why Sergio Ramos is Leaving Real Madrid


A journey that began in 2005 has finally come to an end in 2021. Sixteen years of incredible success story but what went wrong between Real Madrid and club legend Sergio Ramos?

According to Guillem Balague, this has been brewing for sometime now. The relationship between Sergio Ramos and president Florentino Perez has declined over time. When they both sat down to thrash out terms on a new contract, with Ramos’ existing contract expiring at the end of June, an agreement could not be reached. Segio Ramos at Real Madrid

The captain wanted a two years deal, with additional two years as a coach. However, Perez wouldn’t bulge to that. He instead, tried to impose a salary reduction on the squad. Ramos declined and thus would leave the club.

Obviously, Perez is sending Ramos away because he [Ramos] has become too powerful and influential and Perez didn’t like that.ย 

He wants to be the person who calls the shots, the man who wields all the power and controls the lot. Thus, he let go of Ramos, just like he let Ronaldo and Zidane leave. Perez’s excuse would Ramos’ age and of course, his recent injury which had limited him to just a few appearances this year.ย 


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It was the excuse Perez wanted – he has gone. Where he goes next? He is a legend and will be sent off that way.

Even though it was only announced on Wednesday, the signs has been there all along that Ramos would not get a favourable contract. If Perez wanted him to stay, he’d have done all to keep him at the club.ย  Sergio Ramos Real Madrid

Where does Ramos go from here?

Sergio Ramos’ incredible time at the Bernabue may have come to an end but his playing career is not over yet. He came, he saw, he conquered, and now he is leaving. Clubs will definitely come calling for his signature this summer. Where will he go? Premier League, Ligue 1 or the MLS?ย